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October 14, 2010

a quick pasta & peas & veg. soup

I’ve got a few quick dinners on my list to add here. one I am making tonight:

  • chicken stock
  • a bit of dried tortellini pasta
  • whatever vegetables you have. **

Make the base: chopped onions/celery/carrots etc- sweat them with 3TBS olive oil.

add stock to you liking (ie. lots of vegetables, less stock for a chunkier soup) and bring to a boil.
simmer until tender- skim off any scum that rises to the surface- this usually happens with store bought broth- oh well. if you keep the scum in it will alter the taste and cloud the soup.

I boil the pastas until al dente in separate water and then add them to my stock, otherwise the noodles seem to soak up every last bit of stock leaving me with more of a “stew”. tastes very good though but really sucks if you slaved over a stock  earlier or bought some of that solly’s jewish penicillin.

after the noodles are al dente- add them to the broth and simmer to incorporate the flavours. add frozen or fresh peas (at least 1 cup!),

a few minutes before serving add spinach (fresh is nicer)
stir and ladle into bowls once spinach begins to wilt
grated parmesan & pepper finish this off nicely.

** I’ve made this soup with the basics: pastas and stock then just a shallot at the beginning and fresh spinach at the end. It was amazing.  endless examples, try leeks & peas.  the simpler you leave the soup the better.




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