Leftovers tonight- extraordinaire (using my CSA fennel, potatoes, and purslane)

This week in your box: kale (Starbor), beets, fennel, turnips (Hakurei), thyme, delicata squash, purslane, and two apples (Chehalis and an unknown variety)

I’ll admit it. I traded my beets and turnips again! When I stood there holding a bag of turnips (and checking they were not radishes…) and asked what was in the swap box the farm volunteer shrugged and said “a box full of purslane”- SOLD! Here is another way to use your purslane: Roasted Potatoes and Fennel with Purslane (ok, and proscuitto and parmesan!)

I’ve written how much I love purslane- the leaves are almost a citrusy green apple flavour and the stems are somewhat a crispy spinach stem. I love purslane so much because it can be both a sweet (breakfast quinoa!) and savoury (salad!) dish.
As I mentioned in a previous post- the best way to add purslane to your dishes is to use it in replace of watercress or in any savoury dish that would use apples. It’s best raw, or slightly wilted from the heat of soup, quinoa, or like tonight- roasted potatoes and fennel.

We had leftover ‘grandma’s chicken ‘ in the fridge- and I wanted to make something really flavourful to go along with it – more than just a ‘side salad’.

The best part about this dish is that all the flavours go together in each different bite- sometimes you get a bit of purslane with fennel and parmesan- delicious. Other times it is a bit of chicken fennel and potato. Every bite tastes great. Try it:

Roasted fennel & potatoes with proscuitto, parmesan, and purslane:

1 bulb fennel
1 lb potatoes (I used red chieftan and some mixed bag potatoes)
3 T olive oil
Squeeze of lemon Juice.
Thyme (several sprigs)
Salt & pepper

Cut your fennel in chunky slices. Quarter your potatoes.
Toss all ingredients in a large bowl and Roast @ 400F for 30-40 minutes until potatoes are getting crispy and golden.
Add some sliced proscuitto the last 5 minutes of cooking.
When potatoes are ready, season to taste with s&p, and add some parmesan slivers, serve warm over a handful of purslane.


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