Kabocha Dumplings! (Oooh Squash For Dinner! Part Two)

Squash for dinner (part two) came early this week. We ate squash twice this week and liked it! I’d say a very successful “Oooh Squash for dinner!” challenge so far. As a special bonus: I made this dinner under $5, loved it, and, we have leftover dumplings in the freezer.

This week I bring you: Squash Asian Style. Kabocha dumplings in soup!

All you need are $2 dumpling wrappers. A squash. Some ginger/chili/garlic/chives. A bit of broth. and time.

1)Roast the kabocha squash. Mash it. Mix in some flavours: Ginger, garlic, chilies are the basic asian mirepoix. These go quite well with the sweetness of the kabocha squash. I used 1″ ginger, 1 garlic, tsp chili flakes whizzed together in the processor until it was a coarse paste. Add this to your squash. Use a little at a time and taste. You have to like the flavour of the squash at this point or you or not going to like your dumplings. Add more ginger/garlic/chili paste to your liking until you get the flavour you want.

2)Simmer some broth (I used chicken broth simmered with some leeks and ginger)

3)Watch this video on how to shape dumplings:

4)Simmer the dumplings in a separate pot of water for about 3 minutes. I say simmer because a rapid boil might make your dumplings fall apart.

5)Add them to some bowls, with some chopped chives.

6)Pour hot broth into the bowls and serve.

This recipe made 45 dumplings. For leftovers:
*Vegetarian: Steam the dumplings and serve with some sauteed chinese mushrooms, pac choi, and chives.
*Meat Eaters: Serve with bbq’d pork (available on sale after 4pm at T&T for $3)
*or all of the above, for born-again-squash-gluttons like me.

Did you know? There are three basic shapes for dumplings. The half moon, the pea pod, and the big hug. The shape determines their destination. Pea pods look like they are the best for pan-frying or steaming and the big hugs are best for steaming and soups. I suppose the half moons are the overall multi-purpose shape. Andrea Nguyen at asiandumplingtips.com has a great collection of videos to teach you the simple shapes: “The idea is that you start with a half moon then you can make a pea pod and a big hug. They latter two shapes build upon the half moon. They are merely baby steps on your journey toward becoming a dumpling master!”(Andrea Nguyen)


4 Responses to “Kabocha Dumplings! (Oooh Squash For Dinner! Part Two)”

  1. I will absolutely be trying this! We are recent squash purée aficionados at our house, and I suspect wrapping the wonton will appeal to my tortellini loving daughter.

    Ginger, and chives, and broth…oh my!

    • Wrapping is most of the fun on this one!! We made this again with the frozen leftovers. The second time around I added some white miso paste into the broth – I highly recommend it. The miso really did something incredible to the flavors.

  2. You make this seem easy, and since I love squash plus the Asian flavour combo, I think I will have to try it!


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