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May 27, 2013

a high tea.

Honeybush tea

Tonight I thought I would post while I sip this amazing honeybush tea.

4 bags of honey bush tea
2L water
a bit of wildflower honey
a bunch of mojito mint from the roof.

Let steep for 10 minutes. Stir in honey, pour into a pitcher with mint leaves. Have a glass while you let it cool. What is happening is instant calm. and a lovely red colour.

Im reflecting on a few tea-instances that have affected in my life. Nettle tea, hibiscus tea, make-your-own-from-the-herb-garden sage, rosemary and lemon tea. The chai herbal mix with burdock root and astragalus that zen’d me right back into bed. My thoughts are wandering into pretty tastes, smells, memories, and woah, just what is in this honeybush tea?

Maybe it has taken awhile to relax so now that it is here I feel quite calm. If you ever feel like you might need this too I suggest trying a glass. I think. I will let you know tomorrow, what my dreams are.