Garden bowls (Introducing the Garden Project)

Here are the harvest bowls, from this season’s, first ever, Garden Project.

Mizuna Bowl

first salad bowl of the season
salad bowl!

2-kale harvest
Kale Bowl

3-chard harvest
Chard Bowl

What delicious things have we made?
A wild rice bowl
Pasta with kale & garlic
Baby Chard, eggs, and toast.

My gardening partner reports back with arugula salad with strawberries. Omelets & chives . I’ve convince at least 2 neighbors with bites if mizuna, that wow, that is really good. And when they say ” where can I buy that” I’m smug and say- maybe the farmers’ market, or grow your own!

What else?
a roast beef sandwich with mizuna from the garden.
Bowls of red leaf lettuce.
A strawberry or two.

What have I learned?
When this year’s tax return did not stretch to meet a $500 commitment to a CSA I was heartbroken.

Last year, my CSA box was very much my muse.

Over the weekend my blog turned 3, and it was really cool to check back and see… what is happening this year?
Everyone’s blog had changed.

CSA Mom has a debit system CSA.
Fresh Veggies in the desert is at the farmers market.
I’m growing some veggies.

I have loved sharing my ‘box’ recipes, and I look forward to sharing what we cook, and how we cook this season.

I miss driving to the farm and picking up my box, and spending well earned time reading what you did with your 15th batch of beets, or first batch of purslane. and telling you what I made.

What have I learned.
A veggie garden is patience. and seasons. What was just chard, and red leaf lettuce, will soon be tomatoes, a lemon cucumber patch, (more chard!), and a sunburst squash patch.

First harvests are much like picking some herbs out of the garden. Sometimes it’s just a bit to flavour a dish or have a bowl on the side. Some lettuce to stuff into a sandwich, or a bit of chard with your toast, and an egg. Other times you get big bowls of greens. and sometimes, I need to wait a week. Remember to water, and get some seeds in. Crop rotation, and plan- hey the green leaf lettuce didnt work out lets throw in a July Squash for a later harvest. Keep the garden going to continually enjoy it. It is so very unlike getting a head of lettuce at the grocery store- or a bag of kale at the market- or such and such right when you want it- because you might just have enough for, a really incredible meal for the two of you.

It’s a romance in the garden. Feeding two families of two, in a 4 x 4 plot. a new experiment. A new project. An update soon!

many thanks to my friends and neighbours that compliment us everyday on our’green thumbs’.
My gardening partner, for grabbing the plot, and convincing me a little box of lettuce on the 7th floor deck was not going to satisfy me. For weeding, watering, planting, and humming and hawing in the sunlight into late evenings.
to my dad for the compost and dirt, and teaching me the difference between ‘soil’ and ‘dirt’. (You use dirt, and compost, to make ‘soil’ to grow your veggies.). The many free seeds and visits to the seedling sales.
West Coast Seeds, Victory Gardens (for all that stuff you forgot to plant by June). The farmers almanac.

What’s cool is these thanks get paid back to you in my harvest ziploc boxes, a homegrown CSA.

A few quick shots from april- before the dig. After the Dig. and June’s garden plot.

plot before -date april 30 after dig date-april 30 AV JS Garden 2013

June Garden

5 Comments to “Garden bowls (Introducing the Garden Project)”

  1. Congrats on your blog turning 3!
    My dad is a constant soil improver–every time he moves to a new place he leaves behind (in the yard, the landscaping the community garden plot) better soil than he found it.
    Looks and sounds like your garden plot is doing a great job feeding you this summer.

  2. your garden looks YUMMY!

  3. Your garden looks spectacular! With all that variety in your own garden, it sounds like you may become the neighborhood “lettuce pusher”.

    Standing on a corner, a stranger whispers “Hey, wanna try some mizuna?” 🙂

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