A mystery green!

Tonight’s dinner got my CSA spidey senses tingling.
A mystery green!


The only instructions: blanch it before you saute.
(Oh, and the usual mystery green disclaimer- “it’s like spinach”.”Spinach” is the vegetable worlds “rattlesnake? it tastes like chicken”.)

Well I ate my mystery green. In this delicious bowl.
Mystery green, blanched then sauteed with leeks, chili flakes, $1 cannellini beans, and $1 gnocchi. Pleasantly, a really tasty meal.

and now, fellow gardeners, food foragers, and csa holders.. can anyone guess what it is? Please comment your guess below!


4 Comments to “A mystery green!”

  1. it came from the Mayan Garden at the UBC Farm,

  2. It’s an Amaranth, a plant held sacred by Ancient Inca and Aztec civilizations. There are over 60 species of the plant, some are used as a leaf vegetable, others for the roots, many for the grain (kinda like Quinoa) and some as ornamentals. A fascinating green no longer a mystery

  3. I dunno, but I’m glad it’s tasty! All of our mystery greens are in the Asian cabbage family, and none have looked like that.

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