Farmer’s Market Find: Flower Salad

One of the truly special fresh-from-the-dirt vegetables I love is simply, lettuce. I noted in my UBC farm CSA box roundup last year, one of my favourite produce items was the baby lettuce heads and salad mixes fresh from the field. They are strikingly beautiful. Deep purple lettuce heads that fit in the palm of your hand, served on the plate as your side salad, you taste it with your eyes. The actual bite of just a plain old lettuce leaf turns novel and incredibly gratifying.
Salad mix from the farmers market has actual flavour. The right salad mix has a blend of baby leaves with flavours of sweet, tangy, peppery and textures of crisp, and delicate. What I never really encountered was fragrance.

Do you know you can smell with your tongue?
Taste with your nose?
As stated in’s article: Is most of taste really smell? A more scientifically accurate statement would be that “Most of flavor is smell,” where flavor is defined as the combination of sensations experienced when eating or drinking, especially, taste, smell, and chemesthesis.

Following this theory, I present to you, my Farmer’s Market Find: Flower Salad.
Flower Salad

A simple bag of fresh mixed greens from the market, washed & sealed, dressed with little flowers on top. I opened this bag and my kitchen was filled with fragrant flower a hint of salad and the incredible smell of a just watered garden.

And that is what dinner tasted like. A fresh watered garden, like when you water your basil or tomatoes and you can taste the flavour in your nose.

I saved the leftovers with the remaining few flowers and tasted fresh watered garden a few meals in a row.

Other ideas for flower flavours?
Sage blooms. Drying what I swear was a bushel of sage from my neighbor, I found a few stems with deep purple blooms. I saved the dried sage in a fancy recycled ‘fleur de sel’ jar with the sage bloom on top. Can I taste it? Sort of, I can see it with my eyes, when I twist open the jar and add it to my butter sauce. Just on a visual I can taste it and smell it and know I’ve just added something special to the meal, a piece de resistance.

Thank you to Ice Cap Organics for my inspirational salad mix, and my Wednesday ‘Grocery Store’: Vancouver Farmers Markets Main street Station Market.


2 Comments to “Farmer’s Market Find: Flower Salad”

  1. Oh, yum–sage blooms in butter sauce sounds very delicious to me. I’ve really done a bad job of eating flowers this year–I’ve had squash popping up all summer, not doing much in the way of actual fruiting, but plenty of flowers I could have eaten.

    • Thanks for kicking me in the butt to write my squash blossom post. I love squash blooms and watched as many bloomed but I didnt have the timing right. One would be open, but another was busy pollinating or making a baby squash. Sometimes I felt it was just better to leave them there and do there thing!

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