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September 3, 2012

Using up my CSA Farm Veggies, Part 1

My farm box vegetables have been piling up in the fridge. This week my leftovers included zucchini, basil, daikon and the new box of: chard, mustard greens, green beans, cucumber, leeks, garlic, purslane, and farm eggs.
Something had to be done:

    *The biggest pot of zucchini soup I have ever made (with leeks, garlic and basil)
    *Purslane salad,
    purslane quino, purslane in soup
    *My favourite pesto recipe from Lidia’s Italy
    *Pasta & roasted tomatoes with lots of garlic and a bit of pesto and some fresh basil
    *a beautiful Chard tart, with leeks, garlic, basil, tomatoes, my farm eggs and goat cheese

Instead of adding yet another tart to the web I thought I’d share some techniques. To make a perfect tart every time you need to master three things:

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