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August 14, 2012

Deconstructing Dinner- A podcast review. (or food yoga)

After taking the Rooted Nutrition cooking classes this spring- I was introduced to a sort of food revolution. Sort of, meaning that the revolution has been going on for a long time. It is the type of food we ate long ago, long before ‘healthy’ became a product. I searched around itunes for some podcasts and browsing through the food section, came across “Deconstructing Dinner”, albeit a bit late to the game. they discuss fermenting, city gardening, the backyard chicken coops, and interviews with inspiring cooks and nutritionist who are not trying to sell you a cookbook, or a new way of life, but trying to teach us how to keep or return to our food traditions. I am in complete belief we had many things right back then, food wise at least.

This summer I have been quite inspired- starting with my spring cooking classes, then learning to garden, and most of all cooking with my Farm vegetable box. I am learning the food/mind connection.

In a ‘Decontructing Dinner’ interview with Marc David (author of “The Slow Down Diet”)- he said you can walk into any bookstore in any part of the world and see over 500 books on diets and nutrition, each one saying something different from the other and each one having scientific proof to back them up. He said it was this phenomena that made him think; among his theses- is that diet is very individual, but one constant is that we should always focus on quality of our meals.

Marc’s Quote: ” It’s not your mouth that hungers for food, it’s the body that requires food. It follows then, that it’s not the mouth that tells you when your full – it’s the body that gives us this all important signal. If you wish to stop overeating, feel your body. Notice its sensations, feel its fullness, talk to its emptiness, and invite to the table. When you eat, eat with all of you. Eat with every cell. Get out of your head. Stop fantasizing. Slow down your mind chatter. Notice what you’re eating. Taste it. Enjoy it.”

His theory is that eating requires proper communication between the brain, the mouth, and the stomach. The brain apparently, only knows the word “HUNGRY” so if you ignore the mouth or the stomach, your mind is going to tell you “HUNGRY” no matter how much you eat.
So I’ve been focusing on how I eat my meals. to slow down and enjoy them, because I am guilty of eating too fast. To add one thing in every dish that is special, whether it is something from the farm box or some really nice cheese, or good olive oil, ok, or ketchup.
to eat when I am hungry, but to eat better foods for me.

Lessons from Marc David: “Let’s be honest for a moment. Do you really eat when you eat? Are you present? Are you there? Are you enjoying the heck out of the food you claim to really love? If you really truly love food, suck the life out of it. Get what you want. Pleasure yourself. Indulge. One of the reasons we consistently overeat is because we don’t get what we want in the 1st place”
from: Psychology Of Eating:

“Deconstructing Dinner” is a podcast from 2006-2010 based in British Columbia.They need some support getting a TV show started , so please tune in: Deconstructing Dinner
To listen to the full interview: Marc David- The Slow Down Diet from the Deconstructing Dinner website.
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