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August 23, 2012

Farm Box- Week of Aug 18 (or CSA Side Dishes)

This week’s farm box contains: Daikon, beets*, zucchini, kale, salad mix, mixed beans, basil

I swapped by beets for a beautiful head of leaf lettuce. Sorry Grandma. For a truely unique beet recipe see this post for beet cupcakes from Growing Chefs.

Sometimes a box will feed you from meal to meal all week. I look forward to every meal I am going to make. Then something happens, and you get turnips and beets and carrots and … well I like turnips and beets and carrots. In fact the Finnish side of me knew I could pull out my finnish cookbook and try a few traditional meals. But, I did not want turnip and carrot gratin-it was too wintery. The house was hot. I didnt want to turn on the oven. So the turnips and beets sat in the crisper.

This weeks box fed us a lot of salad:
1)Tuna & White bean salad (with mixed greens).
2)Green Bean salad with Parmesan, with Poached eggs.
3)Cold Noodle Salad with Grilled Squid

so I felt sufficiently saladed to be able to indulge in
4)Steak Pizzaiola with purple/yellow/green mixed beans– a recipe I’ve seen, never tried, was not to interested in but was curious.. and I don’t know WHAT took me so long to make this. It is incredible. I never eat a whole steak and I polished mine off. I ate all the green beans too.
The lovely thing about Steak Pizzaiola is that after you have seared the steaks for a minute on each side you cook them for 5 minutes in tomato sauce, leaving you with a nice cup of meaty flavoured tomato sauce for another meal.
Such as:
5) Pasta with my Pizzaiola tomato sauce, and a grilled zucchini salad.

Today’s weather is fall in August – good weather for
6) Sauteed Kale with White beans & Sausage.. Served over garlic bread.

back to the noodle salad.

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