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November 9, 2012

Kabocha Dumplings! (Oooh Squash For Dinner! Part Two)

Squash for dinner (part two) came early this week. We ate squash twice this week and liked it! I’d say a very successful “Oooh Squash for dinner!” challenge so far. As a special bonus: I made this dinner under $5, loved it, and, we have leftover dumplings in the freezer.

This week I bring you: Squash Asian Style. Kabocha dumplings in soup!

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October 15, 2012

The best broth you will ever make: fennel broth (for free!)

I had pile of leek greens and fennel stalks and fronds I really didn’t know what to do with.

I saved the scraps in the freezer and to be honest I did think they would sit there for a year and freezer burn before I got around to making a vegetable stock. I find that most vegetable broths do not have enough *essence* to stand alone as its own soup. Usually they are ok for adding to risottos or flavouring a pot of beans or stew.
That is exactly where I thought this fennel broth would end up- I had a bit of the fennel broth in a measuring cup ready to go into a white bean stew when my neighbour dropped by. Simmering the broth made the house incredibly aromatic so she came into the kitchen right away to see what I was up too. “What is that?” she said. “fennel broth, try it”. She did. I think she said “oh my goodness”. or “that’s incredible”. or maybe it was ‘Mmmm’. Something along the lines of: This is the best broth you will ever make.

Here is the recipe, exactly as I made it:

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October 2, 2012

A better bouquet garni: The Leek ‘Bouquet Garni’

I was never a fan of “wrap the herbs in cheesecloth and simmer, remove before serving”. I personally like to throw in my herbs and let them flavour and simmer off their stems into the broth. It makes the soup pretty and flavourful with flecks of thyme, rosemary, and parsley.
You do have to fish out a bay leaf before blending a soup- but in soups or stews I always thought the bowl that finally got the bay leaf was a ‘lucky bowl’.
I did learn something new that changed my view of the ‘bouquet garni’. In my herbs class at Rooted Nutrition– Chef Andrea started talking about adding herbs to her soups-and began assembling a bouquet garni in a leek leaf. Now this is a bouquet garni I can get behind. Not only do you get to use the green parts of the leek normally reserved for making veggie stock (or the compost)- the leek will add some more flavour to your soup/stew as it simmers with its bouquet of herbs.

Here is my leek bouquet garni simmering in A Very Green (and tasty and incredibly good for you) Soup.

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