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June 23, 2012

the world’s best

A quick post to say, I made the world’s best turkey sandwich today.

Quite simple- deli turkey on sourdough, toasted with a bit of my   UBC FARM lettuce.

I have never tasted anything so amazing. I can taste lettuce! It’s kind of spicy! and sweet a little bit, and every bite changes a bit between the two and it is amazing. Lettuce has flavour! 

I picked up my very first farm market harvest box today. I have little lettuce heads,  kale, radishes, herbs, a few strange things that I’ve never tried before. We tasted a few leaves- mizuna! and chive like creatures and garlic scapes. 

And we are going to get all these greens, and more, every single week. and farm eggs. I’m in heaven. 

My father just got his christmas present today- we adopted an olive oil tree from Nudo and the first olive oil harvest arrived. He said now he knows what the real thing tastes like. He tried it on fresh tomato salad; then pasta aglio e olio.

It’s amazing how good food can be. Enjoy your spring harvest.

No offense to my grocery store lettuce- see you in november.

A few markets in Vancouver:

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UBC Market

Harvest Boxes/ CSA (community supported agriculture) boxes:


SOLEFood Urban Farm


A few City Gardens due so much praise:

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SOLEFood Urban Farm

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